New Everest Series of Rugged Computers

Dec. 20, 2006
Glacier Computer, a leading designer, developer, and supplier of rugged industrial PC-compatible devices, will showcase its new Everest series of rugged computers at ProMat 2007 at McCormick Place South, January 8-11, in Chicago, IL at booth # 5054. Ideal for forklift and fixed-mount applications, Glacier’s Everest line of computers are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions, with 24/7 operation in mind.Available in 10.4” and 12.1” screens, the Everest series offers an array of processor options, from a 600 MHz Celeron up to a 1.4 GHz Pentium M, and provides up to 1 GB DRAM. Additionally, these computers can operate using Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Vista and Linux.The Everest series of computers features a custom onboard diagnostic and configuration utility, as well as programmable function buttons. The utility provides IT personnel with “flight recorder”-like data, as well as real time access to key statistics such as processor temperature, reboots, etc. The function buttons provide users with the unique ability to program frequently used tools into one-touch availability, thereby extending the life of the touchscreen.Providing 6V to 60V isolated internal power supply, the Everest eliminates the need for external power converters or filters when mounting onto forklifts and other vehicles. Additional key features include multiple standard I/O, USB 2.0, internal 1 hour smart UPS and multiple expansion slots. The Everest offers 802.11a/b/g LAN, WAN, and GPS options. Glacier’s Everest series of computers are HALT tested, have passed thermal and reliability testing and have an MTBF of nearly 40,000 hours. Built to Mil-Spec standards, these computers have an IP 64 environmental rating.“The ruggedness of the Everest series of computers makes them ideal for a variety of warehousing and manufacturing applications, such as receiving inventory, filling orders, moving freight or simply monitoring time and attendance,” states John Geary, Vice President of Sales, Glacier Computer. “No matter what the application, the Everest series of computers have been engineered and built to provide superior performance in the most extreme conditions imaginable.”