D.I. Water Flushed Pumps for Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

Dec. 14, 2006
CAT PUMPS introduces the Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling D.I. water flushed pumps. Both cast manifold and block-style manifold pumps feature a special ported inlet manifold that permits external flushing between the Lo-Pressure and Hi-Pressure Seals. This patent pending application design greatly enhances seal life when pumping the low-lubricity DI water required for this gas turbine fogging application. The special seal flushing extends the seal life beyond the CAT PUMP historic seal longevity. The Stainless steel offers greater resistance to ion pull from the DI water maintaining the purity of the DI water. CAT PUMPS is the exclusive manufacturer of gas turbine inlet cooling DI water flushed pumps. CAT PUMPS “K” block-style models feature a head machined from forged 316 SSL providing close grain structure and enhanced fatigue resistance against the attack of aggressive DI water. The “C” models are available with the 316SS cast head. The special porting in the both cast and block- style inlet manifolds permits the flush between the Lo- Pressure and Hi-Pressure Seals, but also allows for any leaking as the Seals begin to wear to be picked up by the circulating liquid, avoiding external leaks and assuring a Model 1051C Flushing Passage safe work environment. These flushed pumps are designed for intense, continuous-duty gas turbine DI water fogging/misting application. All models offer a near maintenance-free operation, energy-efficiency and long-life. CAT PUMPS Long Life Features u the concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers and the specially formulated chrome-moly forged crankshaft and the special high-strength connecting rods assure exceptional drive-end performance. Model Selection 781K 4.5 @ 5000 3801K 9.0 @ 5000 6811K 15.0 @ 5000 1861K 10.0 @ 3000 3811K 14.0 @ 3000 6821K 25.0 @ 3000 2831K 25.0 @ 1000 3821K 23.0 @ 2000 6831K 40.0 @ 2300 1051C 10.0 @ 3000 3831K 36.0 @ 1200 6841K 48.0 @ 2000 3521C 23.0 @ 2000 3841K 45.0 @ 1000 6861K 60.0 @ 1200 3531C 36.0 @ 1200 3541C 45.0 @ 1000