Linear Servomotor from a Linear Step Motor

Dec. 12, 2006
QuickSilver Controls, Inc., known for its ability to servo rotary microstep motors now extends these capabilities to include servoing linear step motors. The QCI-L6 is a Linear Motor with full servo control which is ideal for high acceleration moves - up to 8.4G - which includes pick-and-place, wire bonding, semiconductor, parts inspection, and other high acceleration applications.The technology required to servo a rotary step motor is not that much different than that required to servo a linear step motor. Servoing a linear step motor retains all the advantages of servoing a rotary step motor. Servo control adds accuracy and repeatability, while eliminating the problems of resonance, stalling and excess heating. QuickSilver’s closed loop servo control increases the motor’s practical acceleration to over 8G as compared to 1G when operated open loop. Maximum velocity is 6.4 ft/sec. The 1 micron encoder allows for +/-25 micron accuracy and is repeatable to +/-10 microns.All active components are on the moving part of the motor, called a Forcer. The stationary portion, called the Platen, is non-magnetized which means it will not collect metal debris. The Forcer can produce 6 lbs of force (continuous) while drawing less than 3A from the 12V to 48V power supply. Maximum Platen length is 144 inches.• Operational Temperature - -10 C to +80 C • Storage Temperature - - 40 C to +85 C • Humidity - Continuous specification is 95% RH non-condensing. • Shock - Limitation is approximately 50g/11ms. • IP Rating – Standard IP50 • IP Rating – 6T Option