Wireless Weight Measurement Kit

Dec. 15, 2006
Loadstar Sensors Inc. has launched a wireless weight measurement kit that enables product designers and end users to easily build an accurate and reliable weight measurement system. The kit contains four of Loadstar's patent-protected CS Series capacitive sensors (choice of either 50lb. or 100lb. capacity), one DS-2100 WiFi display and summing device with wireless connection capability, LoadVUE software for simplifying measurement and calibration tasks using a PC, as well as all the data cables (four MX-500 data cables) and a 9V power adapter to connect and power the system. All the components of the kit are designed to work seamlessly with each other, making the creation of a weight measurement system effortless.The components of the weight measurement kit provide several key features that make it easy for users to build an accurate and reliable load measurement system.Integrated electronics require no additional signal conditioner. This helps cut down the number of components required to put together a weight measurement system.Compact and rugged stainless steel packaging makes it possible to build devices that can withstand rough handling.Small size and threaded mounting holes provided on the top and bottom of the sensors, makes it possible to mount them conveniently and fit them into tight spaces.Low power consumption (only 10mW) makes them suitable for use with batteries, if desired.Roman;">DS-2100 WiFi displayAccepts input from up to four CS-Series load sensors and automatically sum loads from all connected sensors. No separate summing box is required.Displays calibrated loads in pounds in increments of 0.1 lb up to 999.9 lbs. on a bright red LED displayCan connect wirelessly to a PC using 802.11b WiFi interface. This makes it possible for users to calibrate the weight measurement system as well as log readings on the PC without any connecting wires.LoadVUE softwareConnects wirelessly with the DS-2100 WiFi device to enable users to perform calibration on up to four attached sensors from a PC, display individual and total loads on screen, and log to a data file.The Wireless Weight Measurement Kit is a one of a kind, easy-to-use solution for weight and load measurements," says Div Harish, Co-founder & CEO of Loadstar Sensors Inc. "Users don't have to struggle to put together a large number of disparate components. Just connect the sensors to the display and the power adapter provided in the kit and you are ready to start taking measurements. Place a plate on the sensors and you have a scale. The kit is offered at an introductory price of $999, and represents a savings of over 30% on the price of individual components bought separately. Volume pricing is available upon request.