Dec. 21, 2006
Thomas Ruthman, president of Ruthman Pump and Engineering announces additional developments in the line of Gusher’s 7071 Series ANSI Dimensional Pumps that ANSI does not specify. Additional models have been added to cover a wider range of flows and pressures. This means better pump efficiencies, which ultimately reduces electric costs to the customer. Gusher is filling gaps in the ANSI line that have previously not been addressed. The ANSI 73.1 Dimensional models made by Gusher are as follows: 1X1.5-6, 1.5X3-6, 2X3-6, 3X4-7, 1X1.5-8, 1.5X3-8, 2X3-8, 3X4-8, 3X4-8B, 1X2-10, 2X3-10, 1.5X3-10, 3X4-10, 4X6-10, 3X4-10B, 4X6-10B, 1.5X3-13, 2X3-13, 3X4-13, 4X6-13, 6X8-13, 8X10-13, 6X8-15, 8X10-15, 8X10-15B, 6X8-17 and 8X10-17. The non-ANSI models are C/L5X6-9, C/L4X5-11, C/L6X8-11, C/L3X4-16 and C/L5X6-16. The 7071 Series ANSI Dimensional Pumps have heavy-duty casings, increasing the life of the pump under corrosive and erosive conditions. All sizes are self-venting with CL discharge. The heavy-duty shaft has minimum deflection increasing the life of the pump for less maintenance. The renewable shaft hook type sleeve eases maintenance. It can be easily removed and is releaved to allow for changes in temperature. The heavy-duty power frame is sealed against containments to ensure long bearing life. It can be water cooled for high temperature applications. The heavy-duty thrust bearing minimizes shaft endplay for more effective stuffing box sealing, longer mechanical seal life and it withstands greater axial and radial thrust loads. The 7071 ANSI Dimensional Pumps have accurately machined rabbets to ensure positive alignment giving a longer seal life. It has a contained casing gasket protecting against blowout. The Teflon O-Ring is a positive sealing at the impeller and protects the shaft from liquid being pumped. The 7071 ANSI is designed with back pump-out vane to minimize axial thrust. And this pump is designed with semi-opened (tapered vane) impellers, allowing it to handle solids and stringy material. It is available in closed coupled ductile iron construction, stainless steel construction, Hastelloy and Carpenter 20. There are a number of industrial uses for Gusher’s 7071 Series ANSI Dimensional Pumps. They include filtration systems, chemical plants, power plants, spray booths, phosphate systems, paper plants, municipal and recreation water parks and e-coat paint systems.