Compact Size and Economical Cost Model 501 FLO-SWITCHES

Dec. 21, 2006
The McMillan Model 501 FLO-SWITCH provides a solid-state relay output indicated flow above or below a selected set point. Customers who require alarms for low- or no-flow conditions, excessive flow, or intermittent flow rates will find this product to be very precise and repeatable. Lowcost and compact packaging allow usage in laboratory and OEM applications where equipment may be damaged if flow rates are low or not present.The switches are available in plastic or stainless steel construction. Featuring highly precise solid state relay outputs with setpoints as low as 13 mL/minute with a full scale accuracy of ±1.0% or better. They provide a cost-effective replacement to non-repeatable piston-type or rotameter-based alternatives. Integrated visual indicators display current status. Units may be used with pressures up to 500 psig.