Temperature Sensor - Harwil Corp

Dec. 8, 2006
When the water’s too hot, shut off the heater! Or, sound the alarm! The newest product introduction from Harwil Corp, the Temperature Sensor, signals a computer to activate an electrical response when fluids reach critical temperature settings between –20 and 200 degrees F. The low-cost Temperature Sensors fit into existing pipes or can be purchased in PVC Tee’s. Four electrical connection options are available. Harwil Corp has engineers and knowledgeable sales staff ready to help customize the new high and low temperature sensitive switches to designer’s specifications. Two basic models of the new temperature switch are the TS-1N for water, salt water, mild acid and base solutions and the TS-1CR for more corrosive materials. The CR version tolerates concentrated acids, bases, hydrocarbons, alcohol and other chemicals. An extensive chemical resistance chart is available on the Harwil website www.harwil.com and in the Harwil Catalog. Wetted parts of the TS-1N are made up of G.E. Noryl® (Polyphenolene Oxide) GFN-1 with 10% glass fibers and epoxy. The TS-1CR’s wetted parts are constructed from Tycona Fortron ® (Polyphenolene Sulfide) with 40% glass fibers and epoxy. Electrical connections on the TS-1N and TS-1CR can be two simple male spade terminals recessed or the cables can be potted with epoxy into the switch. A rubber grommet at the electrical connection is another option for a watertight seal and a ½ inch female thread option is also available. Harwil Corp takes pride in its adaptable, dependable and very low-cost Fluid Flow and Liquid Level Switches, all custom assembled to meet the needs of OEM’s. The new Temperature Sensor joins the product line which has proven reliable over 50 years. The Harwil staff is ready to assist engineers and designers with customizing the new Temperature Sensors.