Pulling It All Together at the Dock With A Serco® Master Control Panel

Dec. 12, 2006
Serco Master Control Panels bring a new level of functionality, efficiency and safety to loading dock operations. Master Control Panels save considerable installation time and labor costs by reducing the number of primary power runs and eliminating multiple power requirements and wire conduits at each dock. The design opens up wall space and improves dock aesthetics. In addition, the Master Control Panel can be configured to service two dock positions.Serco Master Control Panels pull it all together by integrating operations for dock levelers, vehicle restraints, inflatable dock shelters, the overhead door and other dock equipment such as safety gates into a single control box. Controls can even be interlocked so that each piece of dock equipment can be activated in a predetermined sequence to simplify operations, improve efficiency and prevent injury and damage. For example, controls can be interlocked such that the vehicle restraint must be engaged before the dock leveler can be operated, preventing entry into an unsecured truck. Conversely the restraint retains its grip on the truck until the dock leveler lip returns to its stored position. The LED communication lights communicate the status of the restraint to the dock worker.The clean design layout and clearly labeled controls means simplified training for dock personnel. Unlike the jumbled text and indicators on some competitive panels, the lights and instructions are lined up in an easy-to-follow sequence. Panel labels can even be customized with your own unique background image and/or your company logo and can also be printed with bi-lingual instructions.All Serco Master Control panels come standard with LED lights, which dramatically increase the brightness for the indoor/outdoor communications light system and eliminate the need to constantly change incandescent bulbs.An optional 15 amp convenience outlet provides power for dock lights, computers, scanners, radios, charging cords, etc.