WastePAC Densifier™ Readies Plastic For Reprocessing

Dec. 21, 2006
The new WastePAC Densifier™ from trim waste and scrap solution provider Precision AirConvey, automatically converts plastic film, foil, poly-coated paper and other waste material into rigid bricks stretching from four inches to more than eight feet long. Compressing both clean and post-consumer material with a 40:1 compaction ratio, the densifying equipment transforms up to 333 cubic feet of material into a single brick suitable for efficient transport over the road or overseas for reprocessing. The length may be adjusted to produce shorter, thinner bricks as desired.To promote the ideal operating conditions for producing these elongated bricks with uniform quality and minimal heat history, the new WastePAC Densifier features a built-in temperature sensor that prevents startup until the optimum temperature has been reached. A light on the control panel alerts the operator when to begin processing.Developed for plastic film processors, compounders, converters, contract packagers and recycling and waste handling companies, the WastePAC Densifier permits reductions in recycling, disposal and labor costs and often creates a new revenue stream from the waste material. The automated densifying equipment is safe, easy to use by one person with minimal training and installs in five minutes.