100% Recycled, Process Chlorine-Free Towel and Tissue Products

Dec. 12, 2006
As part of its commitment to offering products that meet both environmental standards as well as its own high product standards, Kimberly-Clark Professional is introducing 100% recycled fiber and process chlorine free† SCOTT® brand towel and tissue products.The products are aimed at customers who are interested in or required to use 100% recycled fiber products. The new offerings include: SCOTT® brand 100% recycled fiber C-Fold Towels, Multi-Fold Towels, JRT* Jr. Bathroom Tissue and Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue. A 100% recycled fiber SURPASS* Facial Tissue will also be available in the coming months.“These new offerings are another example of our commitment to providing quality brand-name products that help preserve the environment while satisfying the needs and preferences of our customers,” said Richard Thorne, director of the washroom business for Kimberly-Clark Professional, North America. “Our 100% recycled fiber and process chlorine free products are in keeping with our balanced approach to the environment and our existing line of environmentally sound, source-reduced washroom products.” Kimberly-Clark Professional is also committed to sustaining the environment through the ongoing education of its customers on how they can use less and waste less in commercial facilities. Kimberly-Clark Professional’s philosophy of providing cleaner, greener solutions means helping customers use less and waste less.To demonstrate its commitment to the environment, Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a number of source-reduced products, which are created to use more efficient dispensing methods and less packaging in their manufacture. Many of these products also last longer than standard tissue, towel and skincare products.Process Chlorine Free – No chlorine derivatives used in the bleaching and de-inking process. ®/* Registered Trademark or Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.Size (WxL): 20.6 cm x 20,000 cm