ecolink M12 cordsets with lock-in-place connection that withstands shock, vibration and over-torquing

Dec. 22, 2006
ifm efector, a manufacturer and supplier of sensors and controls for industrial automation, introduces their new ecolink M12 cordset product line. The new cordset family features a “lock-in-place” coupling nut that secures the cordset to a quick disconnect sensor and prevents the cordset from detaching – even in high shock and vibration environments. The ecolink insert design acts as a mechanical end-stop that prevents possible damage to the Viton o-ring from over tightening. A 316 stainless steel sleeve with saw tooth contour protects the nickel-plated coupling nut and maintains optimum sealing. Installation is fast, and the cordset can be quickly attached either manually or by using a torque wrench. For status indication, the ecolink cordset family offers right-angle models with a bright LED status display. These models are designed with a black transparent housing that offer high visibility of LEDs from farther distances and in well-lit areas. The cordset is tested to withstand harsh conditions and aggressive oils and coolants. The product line meets cRUus approval, RoHS standards and is silicon and halogen free. The high-flex PUR jacketed cable is rated for over 5 million flex cycles. The cordset offers a broad operating temperature range of -13 to 194°F (-25 to 90°C). ifm efector ecolink cordsets are available in straight, right angle and LED models.