Dynatronix has once again raised the bar on power supply design.   Looking to fill the void left in the power supply market when seemingly all suppliers have moved to microprocessor based controls and soft-touch keypads; Dynatronix has taken its proven MicroStar DC Series and lightened it up.  Going back to the days of basic DC power supplies, the new Lite (LT) Series is equipped with two 10-turn potentiometers for voltage, current or cross-over regulation and two digital meters for voltage and current read back.   Packaged in the same sealed design as the MicroStar Series, yet now dressed in 316 stainless steel, the LT Series is designed to stand up to the harsh environments that we all know exist in many of today’s plating shops.   With the only available option being an analog interface board for PLC control, the LT Series is great for your reel-to-reel line or any other PLC driven process.   There are no extra features that you end up paying for, but may never use.The LT Series is available in either 12 volts or 24 volts, with current ratings from 10 amps to 300 amps. Dynatronix also offers a 10 volt, 500 or 1000 amp model as well. • Rack mount package 7" x 17" x 22" (HWD) • Ripple: <1% RMS of maximum rated output voltage • Minimum suggested setting: 5% of maximum rating of power supply