High Speed Miniature Laser Distance Sensor Delivers High-Resolution

Dec. 21, 2006
Baumer Electric has expanded its existing line of analog laser distance sensors to include the OADM 13, a compact sensor that measures distances up to 550 mm and delivers consistent, precise, and accurate non-contact measurement independent of color and surface texture. Offering 10mm resolution and 900 ms measuring cycles, the OADM 13 sensor features dot or line-shaped laser beam options that enhance performance based on surface texture. Measuring just 13.4 x 40 x 48.2 mm, this self-contained sensor operates in extremely small environments and requires no external control units.The OADM 13 is ideal for part profiling, thickness measurement, height and roll diameter dimensioning, robotic positioning, and quality control monitoring in a range of industries including automotive, food and beverage processing, semiconductor/electronics assembly, machine tool, medical manufacturing, packaging, and pharmaceutical, textile, paper or wood processing. The sensors can also be designed into material handling equipment, printing machines and robotic components. An onboard teach function allows users customize the measuring range, optimizing resolution and applying full signal deviation to the new measuring range. The sensor features an IP-67 sealed, die cast housing, industrial glass optics, and an extended life laser LED. All Baumer analog laser distance sensors measure based on the highly accurate triangulation principal, output measurements through an analog or a digital interface, and incorporate microprocessor technology to further optimize the 4-20mA analog output.• adjustment Teach-in: button / external • power on indication LED green • soiled lens indicator LED red / LED red blinking • light source pulsed red laser diode • voltage supply range +Vs 12 ... 28 VDC • current consumption max. 100 mA • output circuit analog • output signal 4 ... 20 mA • width / diameter 13,4 mm • height / length 48,2 mm • depth 40 mm • type rectangular • operating temperature 0 ... +50 °C • protection class IP 67 • housing material aluminum • front (optics) glass • connection types connector M8 4 pin • load resistance < (+Vs - 6 V) / 0,02 A • short circuit protection yes • reverse polarity protection yes, Vs to GND • wave length 650 nm • laser class 2 • interference suppression < 30 ms