Jan. 13, 2007
ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP. now offers a complete RK series 5-phase stepping motor and driver package that is RoHS compliant. The RoHS directive restricts the use of 6 hazardous substances in both electrical and electronic equipment. The RK series incorporates a smooth drive function that ensures low vibration and low noise operation at low speeds by employing microstepping within the driver independently of the controllerís output frequency. The RK 5 phase step motorís basic angle of 0.72? can be electronically divided into a maximum of 250 microsteps. The RK driver provides 16 resolution levels for both microstep low speed operation as well as high speed full step operation. The new driver features include improved angle accuracy control and higher starting frequency response. The RK product family can be used with most common power supplies from around the world including single-phase 100-115 VAC, 200-230 VAC and 50/60 Hertz types. There are 3 basic RK 5 phase step motor types: the standard motor type, the IP65 rated motor type, and the geared motor type. The RK geared step motor types are composed of the tapered hob (TH) geared step motors, the planetary (PN) geared step motors, and the harmonic geared (HG) step motors. Three RK step motor frame sizes, 42mm (1.65î), 60mm (2.36î) and 85mm (3.35î) are available to interface to the universal driver as step motors or geared step motors. The 85mm step motor interfaces to a slightly larger gearhead (90mm or 3.54î) for all gearhead types. The IP65 rated standard step motor is available only in the 60mm and 85mm frame sizes. The RK series has an extended life capability. A protected earth terminal is available with the 60mm and 85mm RK series step motors.