Unique Five-axis, CNC Milling/Turning Center

Jan. 3, 2007
STAMA America announces the availability of its Model MC 726 MT, a unique five-axis, CNC milling/turning center designed for continuous production from bar stock of multiple and different parts, including high-precision medical devices. Owing to its fast changeover, 60-position tool magazine (HSK-A63) and trunnion swivel assembly, this STAMA VMC can produce even short runs of complex surgical tools, implants and other medical apparatus with superior quality, finish and cost efficiencies. Typically, Model MC 726 MT can result in up to 70% reductions in part processing time, according to current customers. In bar feeding applications, the material stock is fed directly to the rotating/swiveling trunnion positioning device. Drilling, milling and turning operations are performed on both vertical and horizontal spindles, all programmed on the CNC. Upon completion of the finished piece or piece run, it’s automatically offloaded by a discharge conveyor and the next program engages. Thus, virtually continuous production results, ideal when just-in-time protocols are in place at a user’s shop.Model MC 726 MT features vertical spindle speeds up to 12,000 rpm, horizontal spindle speeds to 5,000 rpm, bar segment capacity to 800 mm length and 15-65 mm diameters, travel (XYZ) of 500 mm x 380 mm x 360 mm, A-axis of 360º, B-axis of 180º, rapid 60 m/min traverse and a compact footprint. The external tool magazine available can accommodate up to 180 positions. Other machines in the STAMA System 7 series can perform 6-sided machining with a secondary, integrated (to the CNC) counter-spindle that allows reaching any dihedral angle in a hemisphere for optimal machining capabilities. Models are also available with tailstock or jaw chuck assemblies. The powerful CNC onboard can be programmed for fully automated production. High-torque milling and turning spindles (49HP/56HP, respectively) on the STAMA machines enable users to process all the substrates currently used in the medical device and orthopaedic implant markets, including titanium, cobalt chromium, Nitinol and others.