A+F SetLine Sleeving & Packing System

Jan. 20, 2007
IWKA Packaging USA, a world leading supplier of premier end-of-line packaging systems, now offers the new IWKA A+F SetLine Sleeving-Packing System that combines sleeving and case packing technology into one space saving, cost effective operation. The SetLine forms multipack sets in groups, directly at the filler outfeed, and places these groups of product sets into a sleeving station, where sleeves are applied to the group of sets of containers and finished. Then the groups of multipack sleeve sets are packed into the shipper for downstream palletizing. The SetLine is also capable of producing multipack sleeve sets from either micro-corrugated or solid board. Sleeve styles range from wrap-around, over-the-crown, drop through, and A+F’s unique Clip Sleeve. Shipper designs include wrap-around cases and trays, various display shippers, pre-made RSC case, and others. The unique hybrid SetLine design offers a highly efficient solution to the challenges of traditional multi-machine configurations. By directly linking sleeving and case packing functions, downstream machinery inefficiencies are no longer compounded, significantly increasing overall line through-put. The SetLine is powered by A+F’s TwinLine two-axis robot, which performs product loading, sleeve forming and closing, and sleeve set packing functions, providing the flexibility and low cycle times required to reach speeds up to 300 sleeves per minute and 60 cases/trays per minute.