New background suppression fiber optic sensors have remarkable 0.1mm resolution

Jan. 19, 2007
New from Contrinex is a range of background suppression, fiber optic sensors that are small, extremely precise and have the capability of identifying extremely small targeted objects to a remarkable resolution of 0.1mm, regardless of color. Minimum detected sample size is 0.15mm2 making these sensors ideal for applications such as sensing position of tiny electronic components on PCBs, small parts during assembly, double sheet detection, and control of all types of miniature product handling mechanisms. These extremely small sensors measure only 30mm x 27mm x 6mm and have a focal point of 12mm due to their ultra-precision lenses. The two scratch resistant lenses are incorporated into a PBTP molded, IP67-sealed housing that is suitable for use in the harshest of environments. These new sensors come in two configurations, right angle and straight, to ensure ease of mounting and have 2m of optical cable that can be cut to length after installation to eliminate unwanted and vulnerable fibers.