Compact Microstepping Driver

Jan. 30, 2007
MForce MicroDrive, the extremely compact new microstepping driver from technology leader Intelligent Motion Systems, measures a mere 5 cubic inches (12.7 cubic cm) and delivers unsurpassed performance and smoothness using the same industry leading patented technology as the proven M3000-based MDrivePlus product line, and at a very affordable price. MForce MicroDrive offers system designers a powerful new microstepping driver option backed by year’s of customer confidence. The MForce MicroDrive accepts a broad input voltage range from +12 to +48 VDC, and is available in a choice of versions including: Microstepping; Motion Control with intelligent programmable motion controller; Speed Control with built-in programmable velocity control; and CANopen communication protocol. A high, per phase output current of up to 2 Amps RMS, 2.8 Amps Peak, allows the extremely compact MForce MicroDrive to control a broad array of motors from size 8 to size 34. The microstepping drive accepts up to 20 resolution settings from full to 256 microsteps per full step, and an extended operating temperature range of –40° to +85° C provides long life, trouble free service in demanding environments. The MForce MicroDrive is a compact, powerful and inexpensive solution that will reduce system cost, design and assembly time for a large range of applications. Input Voltage: • Range (includes back-EMF) • +12 to +48 VDC Power Supply Current Requirement: • Max per MForce (Depends on voltage and load) • 3.2 A Output Current: • RMS • 3.0 A • Peak • 4.2 A Isolated Inputs (Step Clock, Direction and Enable): • Sinking or Sourcing Voltage +5 to +24 VDC • Current (+5 VDC Max) 8.7 mA • Current (+24 VDC Max) 14.6 mA Operating Temperature : • Measured at Heat Sink (non-condensing humidity) • 85°C