Sealless Pressure-Regulation Valves Ideal for High-Pressure, Dirty Fluid Pumping Applications

Feb. 7, 2007
Wanner Engineering introduces the Hydra-Cell C64 Industrial Diaphragm Valve. The industrial C64 features a sealless, flow-through design that provides pressure as high as 2500 psi (172 bar) with flow up to 40 gpm (151 lpm). The C64 is ideally suited for applications requiring high pressure pumping of dirty fluids. The C64 valve features heavy-duty industrial construction and immediate response. Available materials of construction include brass and stainless steel. Its innovative sealless diaphragm design eliminates the need for valve plunger seals - a troublesome component of most regulating valves. The flow-through design also reduces wear on internal parts, resulting in longer-valve life for the user.