Spectrum® Servo Multipackers reduce operating costs

Jan. 25, 2007
Douglas Spectrum® Servo Multipackers reduce overall operating costs by using the latest in electronic motion control technology. Electronic motion controls eliminate many parts, reducing maintenance time and costs; provides a clean, open design; and also results in a smaller footprint. The Spectrum® features efficient selector bar metering that smoothly groups products without interrupting product flow or damaging products and live conveyor loading with a seating wheel to load products securely into the carton. A variety of carton setup methods are available to easily accommodate many carton styles. Valuable options include an auto-prime function that eliminates hand priming, for faster startups; and a chain cleaning system that removes unwanted liquids and debris from the product supply chain, minimizing parts wear and tear and for a much cleaner end product. All Spectrum® Multipackers are backed by Douglas’ exclusive 3-year limited warranty.