Jan. 26, 2007
Made to order vinyl pouches with various attachment options for appli-cations where it is essential to have instructions, manuals, maintenance logs, warnings, advertising and other documents available and protected are being introduced by RNR Plastics, Inc. of Raynham, Massachusetts. RNR Vinyl Pouches are designed to hold and protect all types of important documents and can include pressure-sensitive or magnetic mounts, two-sided tape, or metal fasteners to keep them attached to machinery or equipment. Featuring 6 to 30-gauge clear- or colored PVC, these pouches can be die-cut, punched, have overlays, press and seal strips and water-tight closures. Available in sizes ranging from 2” sq. up to 24” x 36”, RNR Vinyl Pouches are ideally suited for holding booklets, instruction manuals, charts, and maintenance logs; especially for field-serviceable process equipment, tanks, instruments and furnaces. Other uses include appliances, vending machines, job ticket holders, inventory management, owner’s manuals and warning signs. RNR Vinyl Pouches are priced according to configuration and quantity. Many popular sizes are in stock to accommodate projects with short lead times. Samples and literature are available upon request.