Machine Vision products for IR applications

Jan. 23, 2007
Moritex has recently introduced a line of high performance machine vision products for Infrared (IR) applications. Drawing upon considerable experience and knowledge of the machine vision industry - Moritex's new IR Machine Vision range (lenses, light sources, light guides and peripherals) combine to achieve exceptional image capture with high resolution and contrast. Moritex Micro Machine Lenses (MML's) are ultra compact, low mass lenses, based upon a telecentric optical design, that have become a high performance benchmark, for applications including machine vision alignment, image gauging and surface inspection. Moritex currently offers three different fixed magnification MML lenses for IR applications. They offer 4X, 6X, and 8X magnification, respectively, and all have a working distance of 80mm. Correct lighting is a critical part of any vision-related application. Moritex offers a choice of highly stable and safe lamp and LED light sources of differing function, size and intensity including designs with optional remote control operation. The new range comprises IR LED's in four different configurations: array type back light, bar type, ring, and shadow less ring. In addition the new MHF-D100LR-IR provides a highly effective lamp light source providing perfect illumination for a wide range of different semiconductor material applications. Moritex fibre optic light guides are manufactured to the strictest specifications. The density of optical fibres is maximised in each light guide resulting in highly efficient light throughput. The MSG4-1100S-HR is a new special heat resistant fibre light guide that has been designed and optimised for use with Moritex MHF-D100LR-IR IR light source. In addition Moritex is also able to advise customers how to combine these components to achieve an IR lighting and vision solution customised to their application.