New Comprehensive Line of Electrical Testers

Jan. 30, 2007
Extech Instruments, a major supplier of test and measurement equipment for the industrial marketplace, announces that it has expanded its product offering and increased its market presence with a new Line of Electrical Testers. Extech now offers a comprehensive range of electrical testers including Continuity Testers, Wire Identifiers, Receptacle Testers, Circuit Testers, Voltage Testers and Current Detectors, many with unique and innovative features. At the heart of this product expansion is the launch of Extech’s CT20 Continuity Tester Pro. This extremely affordable test product features the unique capability for single person operation of wire and cable continuity checking and wire identification. These features eliminate the need for someone to be at both ends of the wire under test. The Continuity Tester Pro is an ideal tool for electricians, cable TV and audio system installers, alarm technicians, HVAC installers, auto repair technicians, handymen, and do-it-yourself homeowners.