1U High 400W modular switcher can be configured and supplied in 24 hours

Jan. 24, 2007
UNIPOWER Corporation announces a new “Cost Effective” modular, four output power supply series designed to give up to 400W via outputs in the range 3.3 to 48VDC. This level of power and range of output voltages makes the new power supplies suitable for a wide range of applications. Called simply QuiQ™, customers are able to specify the configuration of the new power source for next day delivery. QuiQ fits well in low volume applications due to its ability to be quickly configured in an unique configuration, but also fits well in high-volume programs, due to its cost effectiveness and design characteristics. The 1U high case can include from two to four fully independent output modules and incorporates a single pluggable output connector for easy installation. Modules of like voltages can be simply paralleled for added power. Other configurations can include combinations, such as 300 watts of one voltage and 100 watts of another or even a 400 watt single output can be instantly configured. Input, via a standard C14 inlet, can be in the range 90 to 264VAC. QuiQ power supplies have integral cooling fans and are protected against over-voltage, short circuit and inrush surge. All models meet the requirements of all relevant safety standards including UL60950-1, CSA22.2, No.60950-1 and EN60950-1. QuiQ Series is RoHS compliant. OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS • Total Output Power, Continuous, Max: See Table 1 • Total Regulation, (Combined Line/Load): 3.0% • Total Regulation, Standby Supply: 5.0% • Ripple & Noise, Pk-Pk1: 2% • Holdup Time: 16mS • Dynamic Response 2: 500µSec • Temperature Coef?cient: ±1.03%/°C • Minimum Load: TBB#-A • Overload Protection: Auto Recovery • Overvoltage Protection: Latched Off/AC Recycle • Remote Sense: Up to 0.25V Per Wire • Overtemperature Protection: Auto Recovery INPUT SPECIFICATIONS • Input Voltage Range: 90-264VAC • Power Factor: 0.98 • Input Frequency: 47-63Hz • Inrush Current Limiting, 115/230VAC: 25/50A Peak • Input EMI Filter: EN55000 Curve B • Harmonic Distortion: EN61000-3-2 • Input Immunity, Conducted Fast Transients, Line-Line: ±2kV (EN61000-4-4 Level 3) Surges, Line-Line: ±2kV (EN61000-4-5 Level 3) Surges, Line-Ground: ±4kV (EN61000-4-5 Level 4) • Input Protection: Internal Fuse, 20A GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS • Ef?ciency3: 78-85% at Full Load • Internal Switching Frequency: 50-75kHz • Isolation, Class I, min. Input to Output: 3000VAC Input to Ground: 1500VAC Output to Ground: 50VDC • MTBF (Bellcore): 200,000 Hours • Safety Standards: EN60950, UL60950, CSA22.2/No.60950 ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70oC Ambient • Derating: 2.5% /oC, 50oC to 70oC • Storage Temperature: -10oC to +70oC • Cooling: Integral Fans PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Case Material: Zinc Plated Steel • Dimensions, Inches(mm): 1.6 H x 5.0 W x 13.0 D; (40.6 x 127 x 330) • Weight: 4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg.)