Feb. 9, 2007
Teledyne Relays today introduced a new 3-volt member of its Series 172 family of ultraminiature armature relays, joining previously available coil voltages of 5, 12 and 26 volts DC. Like its siblings, the hermetically sealed dual-pole, dual-throw relay is designed for commercial applications, including telecommunications, test instruments, mobile communications, attenuators and automatic test equipment. The new 172 can be ordered with an internal discrete silicon diode for coil transient suppression. As a member of the Centigrid® family of relays from Teledyne Relays, the new 172 has a low profile height of .280" and terminals spaced on a .100" grid, making it well suited for applications where extreme packaging density and close PC board spacing are required. By virtue of its inherently low intercontact capacitance and contact circuit losses, the Series 172 is an excellent subminiature RF switch for frequencies well into the UHF spectrum. The 172 measures .335 x .335 x .280 inches (8.51 x 8.51 x 7.11 mm) and weighs 0.15 oz. (4.3g).