DPP Series of High-Precision Grippers

Feb. 2, 2007
DE-STA-CO Robohand’s new DPP series of parallel grippers provides excellent parallelism and accuracy between the gripper mounting and jaw surfaces. The new series integrates DIRECTCONNECT™ technology, allowing the grippers to be easily mounted to other modular automation products without the use of adaptor plates. DPP parallel grippers use their patented “Dual-V” roller bearings providing low-friction, high repeatability and excellent performance in holding delicate parts. This design also allows for the implementation of longer gripper finger lengths when compared to other gripper within the same size and weight ranges. A shielded design repels contamination from penetrating the DPP parallel grippers’ “Dual-V” roller bearings. The grippers feature a standard purge/scavenge port, ensuring the necessary performance to operate in clean room environments. Grippers in the DPP series can accommodate up to four Magneto Resistive Sensors, allowing for multi-position sensing. Through a non-synchronous motion option, DPP parallel grippers offer independent jaw motion that enables picking and placing at a point other than the gripper’s center. Additionally, an optional double acting spring assist provides increased force and can simplify operation to a single action to open the clamp, with the spring establishing a default closed position.