K-Factor Scaler Offered in Gallons to Easily Convert to Different Units of Measure

Feb. 14, 2007
Turbine flow meters have a unique k-factor, or ratio of input pulses per unit of flow. For a Blancett turbine meter, the K-factor Scaler is the number of pulses equivalent to 1 gallon. Because this k-factor applies only to gallons, it is a low-cost and convenient way to convert the turbine output into a different unit of measure. The K-factor Scaler converts a low level frequency output into a scaled square wave output signal. This adjustable frequency divider converts or scales the turbine meter output into desired units of measurement and is recognized by almost any data collection device. The signal is more immune to electrical noise and capable of transmission over longer distances than a raw turbine meter output. Blancett offers the switch-selectable and programmable K-factor Scalers. The switch-selectable version has a set of eight rotary switches within the enclosure. The rightmost switch represents the least significant digit of the k-factor number. The programmable version comes precalib