IF30 RFID Network Reader Delivers High Performance in Noisy Radio Frequency Environments

Feb. 9, 2007
Reading and writing RFID (radio frequency identification) tags one at a time is easy, but in a high-speed environment with multiple readers creating a “noisy RF” environment, it’s very challenging. Intermec’s new high-performance IF30 network RFID reader features best-in-class dense reader mode operation allowing companies to grow their RFID systems to include multiple dock doors in close proximity. The IF30 is designed for high-speed operations, reading tags at conveyor speeds of up to 1,600 feet per minute and from distances up to 15 feet (4.6 meters). Its increased receive sensitivity allows it to interrogate weaker or otherwise unreadable tags, reducing the need for exceptions handling and slower supply chain throughput. The affordable reader doesn’t skimp on features. Unlike many other readers, the multi-protocol IF30 has a built-in power supply and powered general purpose input/output (GPIO) circuitry, which allows direct monitoring and controlling of peripherals, like presence detectors and signal lights, without requiring extra devices and power supplies. The IF30 is powered by Intermec’s IM5 radio module, which is EPCglobal Certified Compliant and Interoperable. Intermec has partnered with Reva Systems to provide an integrated, scalable RFID infrastructure package featuring the IF30 and the Reva Tag Acquisition Processor™ (TAP). The Reva TAP is the industry’s first intelligent RFID device to combine real-time adaptive control of readers, location-aware tag data processing and standards-based data services. The TAP employs complex scheduling algorithms that work with large numbers of IF30 readers to deliver the highest levels of tag data capture in production environments. “By using the Reva TAP to coordinate the operation and data processing for all of the networked IF30’s in a facility, enterprises can broadly deploy high-performance RFID infrastructures with the lowest total cost of ownership,” said Reva Systems CEO, Tom Schuster. “The IF30’s streamlined design and excellent performance in dense RF environments coupled with the network reliability, management and data integration capabilities of Reva TAPs deliver a truly scalable solution that meets the needs of the most demanding, high-speed applications.” The IF30 reader is supported by Intermec’s RFIDeploy Services, which provides process analysis, site analysis and installation. Services can be selected individually or a company can deploy the full suite of services and have its system performance guaranteed for 18 months. To support global operability the IF30 is FCC and ETSI certified, and is factory configured to operate in RFID frequency bands 865MHz, 869MHz and 915MHz. The IF30 is available now worldwide. Reva Systems’ Tag Acquisition Processor is available through the Intermec product catalog. • Operating Temperature : -20°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F) Storage Temperature : -30ºC to 75ºC (-22°F to 167°F) Humidity : 10% to 90% (Non-condensing) Environmental Protection : IP53 compliant • Frequency Range • 865, 869 and 915 MHz • Physical Characteristics • Length : 323.5 mm (12.74?) Width : 226.0 mm (8.90?) Height : 82.5 mm (3.25?) Weight : 6.75lbs (3.06 Kg) • Power • 110-240 VAC auto ranging Power Supply is internal and included Duty Cycle : 100%