Miniature Rotary Actuator Features High-Strength Versatility, Flexibility

March 9, 2007
The Actuator Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH) introduces the new PRNA Series of miniature rotary actuators. The PNRA Series incorporates a unique rounded vane design, which provides lower vane seal bypass than typical vane rotary actuators. A full range of PRNA options includes single and double vane models, keyway timing for reference points, rear porting and a variety of switches and sensors. The actuator’s vane seal is custom-molded to a machined shaft and vane construct to create a one-piece shaft/vane/seal assembly for greater durability, strength and reliability. Versatile enough for use with lube/non-lubed filtered air at pressures ranging from 30 to 150 psi (0.2 to 1.0 MPa), the PRNA Series’ robust design package provides high performance precision at a competitive price. Standard internal bumpers provide quiet operation for high-speed applications, while the stock rear output shaft is designed for easy accessibility and manual override in the event of air pressure loss. Engineered for applications in which space is at a premium, the PRNA Series of rotary actuators is perfect for turning, toggle clamping, indexing, positioning, oscillating, and open/close/push/pull operations. -- more -- PRNA offers standard rotations of 908, 1808, or 2708. Operating temperature range is from -58 to 808C (-238 to 1768F). Filtration requirement for the PRNA Series is 40 micron filtered, dry air. Mechanical efficiencies for PRNA Series ranges from 80% to 95% depending on application. Sleek, compact body design maximizes ease in mounting, while heavy-duty assembly offers smooth, step-free operation in rugged service applications. • 5 miniature and 4 standard models • Rotation angles 90°, 100°, 270° and 280° • Oscillating reference points of 40°, 45° and 90° • 1.33 to 2355 lb-in torque at 100 psi