SilverPak 23CE High Torque Step Motor

March 9, 2007
Lin Engineering, The Step Motor Specialists, are pleased to release the new SilverPak 23CE: an integrated NEMA 23 high torque step motor, microstepping driver, intelligent controller, and optical encoder all in one compact yet sleek unit. The SilverPak 23CE is available in three body lengths: 3.41”, 3.85” and 4.78” and is capable of up to 294 oz-in of holding torque depending on the stack size of the motor. The unit is capable of up to 3 Amps Peak of output current, operates from +12 to 40 VDC, and can reach speeds of 16.7MHz. Some of the fully programmable features include but are not limited to: stand alone operation with no connection to a PC; fully programmable ramps and speeds; software selectable hold and move currents; up to 256x microstepping resolution settings; and four user configurable digital I/O’s. Commands, which can be issued from the Windows® HyperTerminal® program, Lab View and Visual Basic, are intuitive yet simple and can be preset to execute upon power up. The SilverPak 23CE offers an added benefit in having an optical encoder being placed inside the main unit. Not only does this allow for more convenient use, but the overall size of the SilverPak is also reduced as well. The built-in encoder allows for instant encoder feedback and is available with the following options: tracks up to 100,000 cycles/sec; 32 to 1250 CPR; max pps 5000; 2 channel quadrature TTL squarewave single ended outputs and optional index (3rd channel). Motor Front Shaft Extension Length: Standard length is 0.81”. Motor Shaft Diameter: Standard shaft diameter is 0.25”. Overall Body Length CE-5718X: 2.94” (7.46 cm) CE-5718M: 3.45” (8.76 cm) CE-5718L: 4.33” (11 cm)