New High Pressure Check Valve Offers Greater Efficiency

March 1, 2007
The Lee Company’s new High Pressure 156 Lee ChekÒ is the latest addition to our field-proven, miniature check valve family. Weighing only 0.7 grams nominal, the 0.156” diameter valve is nearly 2.5 times more efficient than other high pressure check valves of similar size. The installed envelope is less than half that of a 0.187” diameter high pressure check valve. Available in a forward flow configuration, the new Lee Chek is constructed entirely of stainless steel, and features a hard, metal to metal seat for durability and long life. Each Lee Chek is 100% tested and inspected to ensure reliable, consistent performance. Maximum working pressure is 5,000 psid. • Body: 15-5PH CRES - AMS 5659 • Pin: 13-8MO - AMS 5629 • Spring: 302 CRES - AMS 5688 • Ball: 440C CRES - AMS 5630 • Ball Follower: 15-5PH CRES - AMS 5659