Announces New Compliant Header Connector Series

Feb. 24, 2007
Gold Technologies, Inc. announces new B2B connector product line. The new product, the Compliant Header Connector series, is a family of standard, fine and ultra fine pitch connectors that can be used to connect PCBs and components in systems where a high degree of reliability, high insertion count/lifespan and vertical compliance is required. Compliant Headers are available in large "We've been asked many times for custom connectors very similar to these new products, and the market need appears to be increasing. A mobile device with 90nm or even 65nm IC's and 0.5mm chip to board interconnects should not rely on 1960s connector technology and form factor. Using our Compliant Header products, a designer can pack as many as 50 highly reliable vertically compliant contacts into a 1mm X 10mm area," said Bob Fenton, VP Sales & Marketing for Gold Technologies. Added Patricia Tran, CEO of Gold Technologies: "We were able to combine robust and proven elements of our semiconductor test product lines that excel in an environment of temperature, electrical extremes and customer expectations of a million or more insertions to rapidly develop and launch this new product line. As usual, we listened to what our customers were requesting and responded appropriately." The Compliant Header product is targeted for system applications such as board to board and battery connections in mobile phones and PDAs, handheld devices like scanners and analyzers and other small form factor mobile devices and will begin shipping in Q2 2007. For more information please contact Gold Technologies, Inc. at +1 (408) 321-9568 or visit Gold Technologies will be exhibiting the new product line at Electronics West, MD&M West in Anaheim February 13 - 15, 2007. For more information visit Gold Technologies, Inc. serves the semiconductor and electronics industries as a US based designer and manufacturer of premium low cost test sockets, GoldProbes Pins (pogo pins) & custom contact elements, standard & custom connectors, SMT receptacles for through-hole to SMT conversion, Adaptor boards for footprint conversion and Interposers for connecting adaptor boards. Gold Technologies was founded in 1998 and operates facilities in San Jose, CA and Reno, NV. • Quantities with - 2 to 50 pins and from 0.25mm • (.010") pitch - to 2.54mm (0.100") pitch.