Interleaf Flap Disc Rinds And Finishes in One-Step

March 8, 2007
A new flap disc that is layered with abrasive and surface conditioning materials to let users grind and finish stainless steel handrails, vessels, and other structures in one operation, using a standard right angle grinder, is being introduced by Rex-Cut Products, Inc. of Fall River, Massachusetts. The Rex-Cut® FUSION™ Flap Disc features an interleaf construction that combines a premium coated abrasive layer and a surface conditioning layer to remove welds, light burs, surface roughness, and leave a smooth finish. Constantly revealing fresh abrasives to provide fast material removal and smooth operation, this disc is designed to grind and finish in one-step. Capable of lasting up to six times longer than traditional surface conditioning discs, the Rex-Cut® FUSION™ Flap Disc is offered with coarse, medium, and very fine grits in 4-1/2” and 5” dia. sizes. Applications include general stainless steel work, handrail and stair construction, food, pharmaceutical and chemical tanks, and aerospace fabrications. The Rex-Cut® FUSION™ Flap Disc is sold in 5-packs from $59.95 (list). Literature and pricing are available upon request. • 4 1/2" x 7/8" • 5/8" - 11 hub addition