New POD-2000 Offers Virtually Dust-Free Grinding

Feb. 28, 2007
The Blastrac® POD-2000 virtually dust-free grinder offers patent-pending Point of Development technology, allowing grinding dust to be immediately collected at the point which it is developed. The POD-2000, which will be featured in the Most Innovative Products at the World of Concrete, features high velocity dust ports that rotate with the diamond tooling. All other diamond grinders allow dust to get airborne which makes it much harder to collect and wears diamonds faster as you grind over dust that has just been created. This POD technology allows air to constantly circulate through the diamond tooling, keeping them clean and cool thus allowing the diamond tooling to last from 25 to 30 percent longer than those without the technology. The POD technology is both a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete surfaces. Because dust is collected as it forms, no cleanup is required after grinding is completed. Other trades, even rolling or spraying coatings, can work on the same job site while the POD-2000 is grinding because the process is so clean. Also, this virtually dust-free grinder allows the user to immediately see the grinding work taking place, unlike other grinders on the market where cleanup is required before work can be seen, often resulting in missed spots. The POD-2000 works well for small to medium applications such as residential garages, warehouse floors and in maintenance division facilities. This virtually dust-free grinder accesses hard-to-reach areas and within 2 inches from walls, grinding 500 to 700 square feet an hour with a 22-inch cleaning pass. Weighing 370 pounds, it is easy to maneuver around job sites. The POD-2000 has a 5 hp motor and runs on 230 V single phase 60 Hz current. Call 800-256-3440 or visit for more information. The Blastrac brand provides more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other manufacturer: shot blasting, grinding, polishing, scarifying, scraping, milling and cutting. Blastrac equipment is designed for surface preparation of concrete, steel, brick, stone, asphalt and other substrates. Equipment and application training is offered through the Blastrac SPARC program: Surface Preparation Academic Resource Center.