Manufacturing software has real-time OEE dashboard, e-mail problem alerts, data export to Excel.

March 19, 2007
Production Manager from Production Process provides Web-enabled connectivity and manufacturing intelligence from all types of production equipment, even machinery that does not offer external data communications. Windows software collects data from a Machine Data Transducer (MDT), one installed on each machine. The software provides production reporting and a real-time manufacturing dashboard showing machine status, production rate, cycle time, OEE calculations and other user-selected data. E-mail alerts are automatically sent when performance targets aren’t being met. Using the dashboard and the e-mail alerts, management can track daily production against targets and quickly detect production problems and bottlenecks. For continuous improvement and lean initiatives, measuring performance over an extended period is essential. With Production Manager, users can export data to Excel to graphically compare OEE, utilization, downtime and setup time by product, machine, and shift over any desired period. (For example, the attached actual user Excel chart --- excel.JPG --- compares machine OEE values for three shifts for 12 days in February). Standard reports provide tools for management to analyze causes for downtime and scrap, find underutilized capacity, and develop accurate job cost data and production standards. The system is cost-effective because MDTs connect directly to the electrical signals that operate the machine. Additionally, four models of MDTs --- priced from $350 --- enable a manufacturer to match MDT functionality to individual machine capabilities. Production Manager is the latest in a family of Manufacturing Intelligence systems from Production Process that are installed in 330 discrete manufacturing operations of all types and sizes, including many of the Fortune 1000.