Steel King’s ScrapHopper boasts beefy, corrugated steel sides, making it a rugged and durable sidekick at any workstation. Ready to work right out of the gate, the ScrapHopper features two-way entry tubes, fully rotatable heavy-duty casters, and a push handle that make it easy to maneuver. Fork tubes make dumping quick and easy to keep production rolling. Each unit features a 4,000-lb. capacity. ScrapHopper is available in two standard sizes: 32” x 40” x 24” and 40” x 48” x 24” and comes in four standard colors – vista green, precaution blue, poppy and yellow.


Steel King’s standard ScrapHopper model is meant for use with solids but can be fitted with an optional drain plug and manufactured with a fully welded interior for use with liquid products.