Heavy Duty Industrial Control Switch - RoHS Compliant

March 15, 2007
Phaseda LLC introduces its heavy duty industrial control switches. The HY57 series has mushroom shape red button, designed for easy access in critical operations. It has normally closed function to shut off power supply by pressing the button in emergency. It also has NO + NC dual circuit function. It has UL rating at 18A 125VAC, 12A 250VAC and is fully compliant with European RoHS. The KJD17 series is electro-magnetic switch, patented design with under voltage protection. If power supply falls below certain voltage, the switch shuts off automatically to protect mission-critical equipment and machinery. When power resumes, the switch will not turn on until manually actuated. The electro-magnetic switch has UL approved rating at 12A 120VAC, 16A 220VC; VDE rating 10(8)A 250VAC. It has DPST function with green and red buttons, also PVC cap for dust and water protection. This safety switch is widely used in wood working machines, power tools and many industrial machinery. The company has these two switches made in China factory; so it can offer very affordable prices. Customers can get detailed spec sheets and stock information from the company’s website. • Rating: 18A 125VAC, 12P 250VAC UL, cUL 10A 250V~ , 8A 400V~ (AC-15) TUV 16A 250V~ , 12A 400V~ (AC-1) TUV Electrical life: Over 10,000 cycles Mechanical life: Over 50,000 cycles