Reinforced Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tape

March 26, 2007
NetBond™30, a reinforced acrylic adhesive transfer tape, is primarily utilized for foam and gasket fabricating with applications in the automotive, appliance and industrial markets. High performance NetBond 30 gets its name from its unique acrylic adhesion that is coated on synthetic fiber netting also known as scrim. NetBond, which is water resistant and functions as a general purpose laminating tape, features a moisture stable liner and provides dependable adhesion to a wide variety of foam types. It also differentiates from other products on the market with its ability to adapt and form to curved surfaces. "We understand the challenges that our customers face. As a custom solutions provider, we engage our customers in an effort to develop new and creative products," said Ben Wong, vice president, sales & marketing for Compac. "Prior to the introduction of NetBond, end users had to depend on double-coated or transfer tapes that were limited in their applications. This new tape addresses those limitations in one comprehensive product." NetBond’s synthetic fiber netting provides additional benefit by reinforcing and strengthening thin foams. As a result of its unique properties, it can adhere to such diverse materials and surfaces as ether, ester, polyethylene, neoprene and vinyl nitrile foams. The tape also possesses an easily removable release liner. Compac began developing NetBond nearly nine months ago. In addition to NetBond 30, the company is also introducing two other distinct variations: NetBond™5 and NetBond™10-60. NetBond 5 is the introductory level tape, which blends quality adhesive performance with an economical cost. NetBond 10-60 is also new to the market and is now available in 60-inch web widths that allow foam fabricators to laminate NetBond to foam without a loss in scrap, thereby maximizing the performance and efficiency in the lamination process. NetBond 30 is a superior performing product, especially suited to applications in a high moisture environment. The combination of these three products, along with the standard NetBond 10, gives foam fabricators a family of products to choose from. • Substrate - Synthetic Fiber Scrim • Adhesive - Acrylic • Tape Thickness without Liner - 3.0 mils (0.08mm) • Liner Thickness - 3.0 mils (0.08mm) • Color - clear • Adhesion to Steel - 70 oz/inch (77N/100mm) • Tensile Strength- 6 lbs/inch (MD) (105N/100mm) • Elongation - 30%