Kraftform® Comfort Screwdrivers Provide Additional Comfort and Time Savings

March 15, 2007
New Kraftform® Comfort screwdrivers, from Wera Tools, offer professionals comfort, torque and value for demanding applications. The new line of Kraftform Comfort screwdrivers features the ergonomic Kraftform handle. Its shape is formed to the hand and allows fast and efficient fastening with little effort. The handle’s large, soft, black zone has varying roughness to help stop the tool from slipping in the hand. The unique shape provides additional gripping power and fast turning, while protecting the hand and arm. Kraftform Comfort screwdrivers also have markings on the end of the handle. The marking indicates the profile and size, thus making it easier for professionals to identify the right tool. Kraftform Comfort screwdriver blades are made from high-grade steel and go through a special hardening process that makes the tools accurate and durable. This new line also features Wera Tools’ black point screwdriver tip, which snuggly fits into the screw and prevents wear and damage caused by poor screwdriver tip fitting. Kraftform Comfort screwdriver features also are available in Wera Tools’ line of VDE 1,000 volt insulated screwdrivers, which are used for electrical applications. A worldwide recognized specialist in screwdrivers, screwdriver bits and adaptors, Wera Tools is committed to product innovation. Wera Tools is a leading European manufacturer of screw fastening solutions, with offices in Germany, North America, Great Britain, France, Spain and Singapore, and has a complete network of distributors and sales representatives across the United States and Canada.