Ship Shape(TM) Containers Handle More Goods And More Trips

March 30, 2007
The P-291 Ship Shape(TM) bulk container from material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, Ohio ( features a new design that increases payload capacity by 29% to 850 lbs. in the same volume and on the same footprint vs. the company's original design. Designed with advanced 3-D modeling, the rugged, reusable bulk container includes a powder coated steel reinforcing brace set around the perimeter at the upper rim to add strength and support at the point where extra heavy loads might have previously caused bulging of the container walls. Ideal for the over the road transport and storage of plastic resin, dry chemicals, scrap and recyclable materials, pickable small parts and other granular and pourable solid, non-regulated products, the new, 100% polyethylene P-291 Ship Shape container permits the loading of 29% more product by weight in the same 44" x 44" x 32.5" space for increased efficiency and cost savings in transportation and warehousing. The durable, rotationally molded P-291 Ship Shape container stacks up to three-high when filled and covered and nests seven-high (or higher!) for space-saving empty returns.