DRI TOUCH® AMBER Provides Colorless, Odorless Film Barrier For Long Term Corrosion Protection

March 31, 2007
DRI TOUCH® AMBER from Birchwood Casey blocks rust and corrosion on all metals without affecting part operation. Producing a colorless, odorless barrier film, it is dry-to-the-touch and highly resistant to humidity and corrosion. A better alternative to oil-based products, DRI TOUCH AMBER will not drain off parts or wick off into packaging materials. DRI TOUCH AMBER combats corrosion several ways. The liquid product is thin enough to rapidly penetrate recessed areas and displace moisture out of the part. Once the moisture is gone, the DRI TOUCH film dries quickly leaving a non-oily, colorless film that resists moisture and prevents corrosion before it starts. The film has a flexible, self-healing property, to re-flow and re-coat areas that are scratched or damaged during handling. Any subsequent contact with water will cause the water to simply bead up and drain off the part. DRI TOUCH AMBER can be applied to wet or dry surfaces and is absorbed by the part itself, enhancing part color and becoming an effective barrier against atmospheric humidity and corrosion. This property is especially useful on porous materials, such as powdered metals, cast/ductile iron, or subassemblies, and parts with blind holes or other “problem” parts that need better protection. The corrosion barrier is robust and long-lasting because the protective film will not drain off the part or wick off into packaging materials. DRI TOUCH AMBER is a high-grade solvent-based formulation with a light amber color and a very low odor that is safe and easy to apply in any factory or tool assembly area. It rapidly penetrates recessed areas, dries quickly and leaves a non-dimensional, soft waxy film. It is compatible with all lubricants, cutting oils and hydraulic oils and acts as an ideal topcoat over black oxide and phosphate conversion coatings to seal out corrosion and provide break-in protection while enhancing the depth of color. Application is made by dipping, brushing or low-pressure spraying. Bulk handled parts can be efficiently coated by dipping followed by a short spin drying to reclaim the excess. DRI TOUCH AMBER is rated for 100+ hours salt spray and 600+ hours humidity protection. It meets water displacement test Mil-C-16173 and stain test Mil-C-22235A.