Series TID Temperature/Process Indicator

April 12, 2007
LOVE CONTROLS, a Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc., Michigan City, Indiana, introduces the NEW Series TID Temperature/Process Indicator. The affordable Series TID allows the user to monitor temperature or a process value. Temperature ranges are available from –58 to 302ºF (-50 to 150ºC) using one of our PTC or NTC thermistors. Process values can be displayed from –999 to 999 counts using a 4 to 20 mA signal from one of our various transmitters. The process indicator has an adjustable span and zero on the 4 to 20 mA models. The Series TID is available in red, green or blue display. LOVE CONTROLS produces a wide variety of controls. LOVE CONTROLS products are designed and manufactured to high quality and reliability standards and backed by solid warranties and years of practical experience.• Range: -58 to 302°F (thermistor); -999 to 999 counts (4 to 20 mA). • Inputs: PTC/NTC thermistor or 4-20 mA. • Power Requirements: 110 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC/DC. • Accuracy: Better than 1%. • Display: 3-digits, red, green or blue display. • Resolution: 1° or 0.1 count. • Front Panel Rating: IP64. • Weight: 2.3 oz (65 g). • Agency Approvals: CE, UR, URc.