April 12, 2007
A new, electric powered, ergonomic vacuum lifter that lets users safely pick up ingots from the top without blocking or damaging them is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts. The Anver VPF-57-AC Ingot Lifter is a below-the-hook, electric powered vacuum lifter that features a foam suction cup for handling rough ingots from the top for stacking. Permitting tight packing, this ergonomic lifter has an extended handlebar, which lets an operator safely maneuver the load from a distance, and a slide control valve for rapid attach and release. Totally designed for the safe handling of non-porous loads, the Anver VPF-57-AC Ingot Lifter has a vacuum gauge on the front cover, audio-visual alarms, and a check valve with a reservoir to help maintain vacuum if the electrical power is interrupted. Powered by a dry piston pump, rated for 100% duty cycle, this lifter is available with up to 2,000 lbs. capacity.