First UV Sensor with Calibration Capability

April 13, 2007
The UVX-300-GC luminescence sensor is the first UV (ultraviolet light) sensor with a calibration function. Calibration is made possible through the use of proprietary software algorithms. The UVX-300-GC is the only UV luminescence sensor on the market with the computing power to run these complex algorithms. The calibration function cuts set-up time by up to 80 percent compared to competitive sensors. Usually, a sensor is installed in an application and adjusted to detect a sample target, a process that must be repeated for every sensor in the installation. In addition, companies typically use the same sensors in many different applications, distributed among several plants that may be on different continents, in different time zones and with personnel speaking different languages. It is easy to see how a relatively simple installation becomes a complex endeavor. The calibration function solves all these issues by allowing all sensors to be calibrated at one time in a central location, then distributed to where they are needed. This ensures that every sensor operates in the same manner no matter where it is used. There is no need to adjust a sensor on location or on specific machinery, reducing installation and set-up time and minimizing training costs. As a result, companies can standardize on a single sensor globally and, at the same time, ensure installation quality and the proper integration of the sensor into the process. Like other ultraviolet light sensors, the UVX-300 Series sensors are used on assembly lines to detect the presence or absence of critical components such as O-ring seals, adhesives, labels, paint, and lubricants, for far less cost than machine vision systems. The sensors can also detect transparent objects that conventional optical sensors cannot. The UVX-300 Series luminescence sensors offer the industry’s longest range, fastest response time, and a unique remote lock feature that prevents unauthorized changes to the sensor settings. • Light spot size – 6 …8mm dia • Sensing distance – up to 350mm • Response time - <150 • Switching Frequency – 6kHz • Sensitivity – Adjustable • Analog Output – 0.5V