Heavy-Duty J4/J5 Industrial Joysticks

April 3, 2007
Elobau Sensor Technology Inc. introduces its J4/J5 line of industrial joysticks, designed for heavy-duty use on various vehicles and equipment, including all types of machinery, cranes, forklifts, construction, oil & gas, forestry, agricultural and materials handling devices. Compatible multi-function levers are available with pushbutton or thumbwheel operation to suit most any application. J4/J5 joysticks are offered in analog, digital or PWM and CAN bus output versions, all designed to resist EMC interferences, even to the demanding specifications of the auto and other industries. Housed in IP67 protection class enclosures, these joysticks are available in multiple mechanical configurations. The standard analog version provides a rotating magnetic field over a Hall effect sensor, while the digital version employs a reed switch mechanism. Standard angular operating range is ± 25º in the X- and Y-axis. A mechanical life of 2 x 106 is typical. Operating temperatures range from –40º to +85ºC (-40º to 185ºF). Many knob configurations are available, with up to eight pushbuttons or two thumbwheel pots onboard. LED indicators in various colors and an optional activation button are offered. Elobau joysticks are available with or without a multi-function lever mounted. The catalog offered includes complete part number specifications to build the joystick for most any application. These high-sensitivity, magnetic contact-less joysticks are also suitable for the imaging and medical markets in their lighter J3 version, as they provide superior control with maximum environmental protection. Elobau is a vertically integrated manufacturer that does circuit and cable assembly, plastic molding and full performance testing at its factories. Thus, modifications to suit virtually all industrial and commercial requirements are achieved quickly and in a cost-effective manner, through the design and engineering talent resident at Elobau. Interested parties should contact Elobau for a full catalog on these and other controls, sensors and machine safety products. • The angular operating range is ±25°. • The operating principle is non-contacting: - analogue: rotating magnetic field over hall-sensor - digital: reed technique. • Short circuit-proof with analogue version (short circuit duration: unlimited). • J4 and J5 have a 6/8/10 or 12 PIN Molex 5557 connector. The electronic housing for CAN or PWM signals is fitted with an AMP 040 Multi-lock 8-pin connector. • Alternatives on request. • The actuation force for each axis is 12 N (190 mm from the point of rotation). The static loading capacity (max. 190 mm from the point of rotation) is 2000 N in the x and y axis, and 700 N in the z axis. • Mechanical life: 2x106 operations. The unit is resistant to oil and seawater.