April 13, 2007
Kimberly-Clark Professional today announced a major extension of its well-known KLEENGUARD* brand with the launch of a new line of protective eyewear. The introduction includes 20 new KLEENGUARD* Brand eye protection products, further expanding the brand’s broad selection of head-to-toe, comfortable, high-quality protective gear. The new KLEENGUARD* protective eyewear offerings are impact-resistant, ANSI Z87.1+ compliant, provide 99.9 percent protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and are both comfortable and stylish. “Research has shown that comfort and style both drive compliance with PPE-wearing protocols,” said Randy Kates, General Manager of the Kimberly-Clark Professional Safety Business. “Safety glasses won’t protect workers if they don’t wear them. That’s why our protective eyewear product line includes such advanced comfort features as cushioned brows, comfortable gel nosepieces, flexible temples, dual wraparound designs, and even mirrored lenses – all designed to make the eyewear more comfortable, more attractive, and more likely to be worn.” The new products range from standard visitor’s glasses to stylish frames with enhanced comfort and design features. Uses include: general maintenance, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, materials handling, masonry, clean manufacturing industries and food processing. Like other KLEENGUARD* brand products, the eye protection offerings feature a simple “Alpha Numeric” product selection formula, with the alphabet letter identifying the type of product and the number indicating the type and level of features. Following are descriptions of the new eyewear categories and key features: • KLEENGUARD* V10 Standard Eye Protection. Features include distortion-free lenses, proven impact protection, added comfort, a range of styles and a dual wraparound design that’s sleek and lightweight and fits both men and women. Available in smoke, amber, clear and clear OTG (over-the-glass) lenses. The OTG lens enables users to wear them over prescription eyewear. • KLEENGUARD*V20 Comfort Eye Protection provides a new look for reliable safety and comfort in eye protection. The eyewear features distortion-free lenses and proven impact protection, plus added comfort and a colorful range of styles. It also includes comfortable, padded temples, and a contemporary, wraparound design. It helps enhance worker comfort, safety and performance under various lighting conditions. Available in smoke, amber, clear, indoor/outdoor and anti-fog clear lenses. • KLEENGUARD*V30 Flexible Eye Protection combines valuable impact protection with enhanced comfort and flexibility to help ensure more acceptance on the job and increased compliance with safety regulations. Features include a padded nose bridge, as well as a ratcheted temple for an easily adjustable lens angle. Temples are also flexible to help reduce slippage and provide added comfort. Available in clear, smoke, amber, indoor/outdoor and anti-fog clear lenses. • KLEENGUARD*V40 Contour Eye Protection is designed for workers who seek reliable impact protection, optimal comfort and an appealing range of styles. Distortion-free lenses enhance vision and safety, while the wraparound design provides more comfort. The eyewear also features a soft gel, adjustable nose piece, dual-molded rubber temples and a durable vented frame with cushioned brow protection. The vented frame prevents fogging by allowing for the free flow of air. Available in smoke, amber, clear, silver mirror, indoor/outdoor and anti-fog clear lenses. Today’s launch of 20 new eyewear products is the first such offering of an eye protection line under the KLEENGUARD* Brand. This introduction is one of several new KLEENGUARD* Brand products launched in the past year. These include KLEENGUARD* G40 Latex Coated Gloves and KLEENGUARD* G60 PURPLE NITRILE* Cut Resistant Gloves. In October 2006, Kimberly-Clark Professional launched the Chemical Resistance Bundle, which includes KLEENGUARD* A70 Chemical Spray Protection Apparel, KLEENGUARD* G80 PURPLE NITRILE* Chemical Resistant Gloves and KLEENGUARD* G80 Neoprene/Latex Chemical Resistant Gloves.