Customizable Keypads for Harshest Environments

April 27, 2007
Fully Customizable S.series Keypad Range from EAO Meets the Harshest Environmental Challenges EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces offers design engineers a fully customizable, extremely reliable, rugged keypad, ideally suited to harsh environments, such as outdoor and unsupervised locations. The solid metal S.series keypad range features front plate and anti-pull-off keys constructed from Zamak, guaranteeing a high level of vandal-resistance. This series is fully RoHS compliant as well. Sealed to IP67 against water and dust as well as resistant to heat, shock and vibration the durable S.series keypad requires minimal maintenance and, therefore, delivers long term value in terms of lifecycle cost benefits. In terms of meeting human operator demands, for example if an application is located in a poorly lit location, the S.series is available with the option of LED key illumination in blue, red, yellow or green. Display and control options offered by EAO include full color front plate designs as well as precision custom laser engraving, benefiting end applications in terms of long lasting results which will not rub off. The S.series keypad range offers superior performance. Highly tactile and therefore reassuring to use, the S.series keypad range is tested for quality to 4 million operations and is certified according to the latest international standards. EAO’s S.series keypad range is ideally suited to meet the needs of public environment applications including access control, banking and public telephones. The range has also been successfully implemented into vending machines and industrial machinery. Design options also include 12 or 16 keys, and a choice of standard, telephone, or hexi-decimal II configurations. Pricing for standard units begin at approximately $45.00 each in small quantities and are readily available in standard layouts and legends.