DeciGuardAB™ Disposable Earplug

April 26, 2007
Don’t place germs from your hand into your ear. The DeciGuardAB™ earplug, by North Safety Products, is the ONLY disposable earplug that provides you with antimicrobial protection from potentially degrading microorganisms while at the same time protecting you against noise hazards. One size comfortably fits all; DeciGuardAB expands quickly to fill the ear canal; NRR 29 dB. * Antimicrobial protection protects the product against degrading microorganisms * Anti-bacterial protection will not wear out, wash off or rub away * Re-engineered PVC formula and higher density foam construction * Improved, stronger cell structure * Better fit in the ear canal, and quickly expand to fit ear canal * Maximizes wearer protection * Foam construction and one size fits most * Lightweight, soft and comfortable * Non-toxic and non-irritating * Maximum cleanliness, assures employees that plugs are unused * Made in USA