Stanley® Vidmar® announces the newest enhancement to the capabilities of its drawer cabinets. The Rust Free Drawer Insert Tray is water tight and corrosion resistant, letting users store a wider variety of items. It’s used in place of the standard metal dividers, and can be shipped fully assembled in new cabinets. The smooth white plastic insert has transparent partitions and dividers that are easily removed for cleaning, and that let users reconfigure the drawer as needed. It was originally designed to meet medical storage needs, where plastic dividers are generally preferred over metal. However, it’s also a great storage accessory for any industry where users have to store liquids or other corrosion sensitive supplies. The plastic insert tray has no sharp edges, so it allows for the safe storage of liquids and other puncture-sensitive materials. Trays come in 1 3/8, 2 5/16, 4 , and 5 in. heights, and in sizes that fit the following drawer types: standard, small version, extra wide, double wide, shallow depth, small version shallow depth, extra wide shallow depth, and double wide shallow depth.