HySpeed Plasma HSD130, the newest member of the Hypertherm mechanized family of products. HySpeed HSD130 is an easy-to-use oxygen plasma system that is more productive and more cost effective than other metal cutting solutions such as oxyfuel and air plasma. The HySpeed HSD130 is a mechanized plasma system that includes Hypertherm’s patented LongLife® technology to deliver double the consumable life at half the cost. Add to that 100% duty cycle, and HySpeed Plasma fits nicely between the Powermax line of air plasma systems and our state-of-the-art HyPerformance family of precision products. Our new HySpeed HSD130 is certainly one of the easiest plasma systems to use on the market. Three steps is all it takes to get to plasma,” says Kat McQuade, Product Marketing Manager for Hypertherm Mechanized Systems. “We have also dramatically reduced the number of internal parts with this system, which directly relates to greater reliability” McQuade said. “We feel that this system is a perfect combination of ease-of-use, reliability, and productivity to give you the most cost-effective system available on the market today.” HySpeed HSD130 is a “workhorse” product, with fast cut speeds, long consumable life, and good cut quality. This system is perfect for small to medium size companies, especially those cutting parts for their own manufacturing operations. HySpeed HSD130 cuts dross-free at 5/8” (16mm) on mild steel. Production pierce capability is 1” (25mm), with maximum cutting at 1 *” (38mm). For those looking to step up to a superior technology, this is a great advancement especially from air plasma or oxyfuel. With faster cut speeds and virtually dross-free cutting, secondary operations are eliminated. This means higher productivity at a lower cost-per-foot. As with all Hypertherm products, unparalleled reliability gives systems higher “up time” and lower overall maintenance costs. Before release, HySpeed Plasma systems are subjected to rigorous reliability and exhaustive life testing procedures equivalent to over 10 years of use in operating environments from – 10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F). HySpeed Plasma systems have CSA, GOST-R, CCC and CE and ISO 9001:2000 certification. Hypertherm is also ISO 9001:2000 registered. Hypertherm’s full system warranty includes complete coverage for two years on all system components and one year on the torch.• Virtually dross-free cutting capacity - mild steel 16 mm (5/8") • Production pierce capacity - mild steel 25 mm (1") • Maximum cutting capacity (edge start) - mild steel 38 mm (1 1/2")